Personal References

I have been working to create a new web based application. I was trying to understand what steps I needed to take in order to get the project off the ground and what I could expect from the development process. I spoke Nader who offers a guidance and support service to help people understand what to expect and how to prepare for creating a new software product. He sat with me and walked me through what I could expect. Read more
We are a small company that has been growing steadily over the last few years in the food manufacturing and distribution sector. As part of our growth we have been looking to further increase our online sales, website structure and optimisation. Basically to grow our online presence and ensure the site satisfied its main purpose. We found this to be time consuming and a minefield of information and contradictions from one information source to another. Read more
I run a small non profit beverage company in the UK with my partner. I was trying to better understand how I can make better use of the web, both in terms of website improvements and social media use, to market our product and promote our brand. I had tried seeking out advice and went on a course but was left bewildered by jargon. I just wanted someone to give me clear guidance. Read more
I worked with Nader on an R&D project to build health care applications. Nader worked diligently and with great enthusiasm. He is truly passionate about his work. He is thorough and communicates clearly. He completed the project to such a high standard that we were able to present the work at 2 distinguished conferences and gain peer-reviewed publications as a result. I would gladly work with Nader again. Read more
I have had the pleasure of working with Nader more than once. He takes the time to really understand other people’s business and the needs of their customers and sector. He always communicates his progress throughout any given project and makes it easy to understand, thanks to it I feel that I have grown as a professional, embarking on a project with him is always an adventure where you end up learning more that you initially wagered, definitely will be coming back to him at any given chance. Read more