Nader Al-Shamma

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Software Engineer | Business Analyst | Published Academic | Public Speaker | F/T Servant to Dog

Hello World

I’m Nader; a software engineer, entrepreneur, published academic and conference speaker. I’m passionate about building good software and products that help to improve people’s lives. I firmly believe technology should be built for the benefit of society and the people who use it and I take a keen interest in the relationship we have with technology.

I use my experience, knowledge and insights into product development, business operations, processes and practice to help organisations get the most out of technology. I work with people to build great products, achieve their goals and make their organisation become more effective.

Latest blog

I run a small non profit beverage company in the UK with my partner. I was trying to better understand how I can make better use of the web, both in terms of website improvements and social media use, to market our product and promote our brand. I had tried seeking out advice and went on a course but was left bewildered by jargon. I just wanted someone to give me clear guidance.