Emma Jordan

Summerwood Community Garden

30 July 2018

I run a small non profit beverage company in the UK with my partner. I was trying to better understand how I can make better use of the web, both in terms of website improvements and social media use, to market our product and promote our brand. I had tried seeking out advice and went on a course but was left bewildered by jargon. I just wanted someone to give me clear guidance. Nader took the time to look over the current status of our web presence. He sat with me and clearly explained what my options are and gave me some clear recommendations on how and where I should focus our efforts. By the end of the session I had a much better understanding of how to begin to improve my website, how to focus my social media efforts and how to start to think about building and structuring my content to promote the story of our brand. I would recommend working with him.