Thomas Ali

Freshly Spiced

14 August 2018

We are a small company that has been growing steadily over the last few years in the food manufacturing and distribution sector. As part of our growth we have been looking to further increase our online sales, website structure and optimisation. Basically to grow our online presence and ensure the site satisfied its main purpose. We found this to be time consuming and a minefield of information and contradictions from one information source to another. We turned to Nader based on another businesses recommendation and he offered a 30 minute phone consultation to discuss our current site, what was working and where work was needed. This was clearly structured and detailed information. We then commissioned him to complete a full site audit based on speed, optimisations and some SEO. Nader completed these promptly and produced a detailed report highlighting key areas to work on. We met to talk through the report which was really helpful and allowed us to take notes and focus on key areas to develop. Whilst the work required was time consuming, having the knowledge of what was needed to improve the site from a professional was a great advantage. We have since updated the site, with a new front page, updated recipe sections, optimisation throughout the site and have noticed increased traffic based on this, sales are starting to increase as well. We would highly recommend Nader to anyone who is wanting to make sure they have done everything they can to ensure their site is optimised, has clear structure and understand what Google is doing to make your site available to customers.