Introduction to Gamification

The Big House: Creative & digital festival

Nottingham - 20 September 2018

Ever wondered how you can put a little fun back into your work? We introduce some basic concepts of Gamification; the use of playful game mechanics in everyday life and work to help increase motivation, encourage greater engagement and foster greater collaboration.

Nader Al-Shamma is a software engineer, published academic and conference speaker, specializing in Web and Mobile development. Nader has a keen interest in the relationship people have with technology and how software can be used for good. He works with organisations to help them get the most out of technology and drive their digital growth forward. Nader also works with new and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them bring their software product ideas to life. He is passionate about building teams and fostering the creativity needed to develop innovative and engaging products.

Jorge Andrés Martínez is a creative coach, gamification expert and game designer who is always tinkering with new and exciting projects. Jorge has a passion for cultivating creative talent. He works with a variety of artistic individuals to help them focus their skills and commercialise their abilities. He also specialises in working with organisations to help them with the process of innovating and implementing game mechanics in different environments to deliver productive, value driven, management strategies.

Together they are working on a new project which will enable people to foster their creativity. They are working to give people a platform that helps individuals and teams bring their ideas to life and deliver new innovative products.