The Hero your Organisation Deserves; using narrative design to enhance engagement

The Big House Workshop

Nottingham - 27 March 2019

Stories matter. How often have you heard marketing gurus espouse the virtue of crafting your organisation’s Brand Story or, to pay careful attention to your Customer’s Journey?

In this workshop, we go beyond the buzz words. Using simple narrative design techniques, utilised by the game industry to craft great player experiences, you will learn how to apply these techniques within your business to create great stories that help you engage with stakeholders; be they customers, employees, investors and more.

This is the first in a series of workshops introducing gamification; the art of utilising game-based mechanics in non-gaming environments, helping businesses and organisation better engage with their stakeholders.


Creative & Digital entrepreneurs, start-ups & SMEs who need to be inspired & engage with stakeholders.

Please note: If you have already accessed 12 hours of support with The Big House, you will be placed on a waiting list in the first instance.


The workshop will be delivered by Jorge and Nader of Ideas in Play.

Jorge Andrés Martínez is a UX designer specialising in gamification and works with organisations to help them with the process of innovating and implementing game mechanicsin different environments to deliver productive, value driven, management strategies.

Nader Al-Shamma is a software engineer, published academic and conference speaker, specialising in Web and Mobile development. His experience, knowledge and passion for tech places him in a strong position to help businesses get the most out of technology and drive their digital growth forward.